Kasia & Kuba - CWC REUNION Sweet Video from Kasia's and Kuba's trip to CWC Wakepark last winter.
Best place to spend cold days enjoying warm water and weather.
#iridenobile #Nobileteam #nobilewake
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Nobile Hydrofoil Academy Episode 7 Split Foil Story Another Episode of Nobile Hydrofoil Academy
this time we're showing You how to simply enjoy traveling with Nobile equipment thanks to our #travelfriendly company policy.
Thanks to Tomasz Janiak and WGWK for this video.
#iridenobile #Nobileteam #nobilekiteboarding
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Nobile Snowboards 2021 N8 Nobile Snowboards 2021 N8
3rd season we produce this unique shape, N8 shape is designed by Stani Kulawik for Nobile. We have chosen the best performance based on our experienced riders. This is how we make carving easy with soft ...
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2021 N7 Snowboard 2021 N7 Snowboard
N7 is a one of fresh shapes in our collection. Improved details from last season, we introduced three different tail characteristics. With this construction we would like to make you feel like surfing, just in powder. Mellow ...
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2021 N2 Snowboard 2021 N2 Snowboard
N2 is Nobile’s freestyle machine. Using a mellow camber combined with a poplar core results in amazingly responsive, maneuverable board with a mixture of camber board pop and a flat board feeling. Handles great in the park ...
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