Maserati | Nobile We are happy to share the results of our cooperation with Maserati Pietrzak and @lasquadra__
Check out our winter story!
Direction and editing: Michał Mutek Zieliński
#nobileskis #iridenobile #nobilesnowboards #maseratipietrzak #maserati #lasquadra
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2021 The One Kite Nobile 2021 The One is the most universal foil and light wind kite ever.
Often riding in light wind conditions? This will be a right Kite for you!
Even 40% lighter then your average kite, The One will let you ...
458 1 60 secs
2021 V-Ride Kite The Nobile 2021 V-Ride is a universal freeride- wave machine.
The hybrid kites are meant to be user- friendly, easy- handling and maneuverable for tight
turns in waves. We took all the experience we had in previous freeride/ wave models ...
124 1 65 secs
Kasia & Kuba - CWC REUNION Sweet Video from Kasia's and Kuba's trip to CWC Wakepark last winter.
Best place to spend cold days enjoying warm water and weather.
#iridenobile #Nobileteam #nobilewake
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Nobile Hydrofoil Academy Episode 7 Split Foil Story Another Episode of Nobile Hydrofoil Academy
this time we're showing You how to simply enjoy traveling with Nobile equipment thanks to our #travelfriendly company policy.
Thanks to Tomasz Janiak and WGWK for this video.
#iridenobile #Nobileteam #nobilekiteboarding
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