Nobile 2020 Collection Preview Proud to show You all a sneak peak of our upcoming Kiteboards 2020 collection.
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Shop's 1st Try Austria 2020 Proud to share our quick recap from #shops1sttry #shops1sttry2020 where we had a pleasure to present our 2021 @nobile_snowboards collection @rafal.zgud @bfmedia video #nobileteam @gnska @bergschuh @peterpodlogar @wrobs_nmd @tylkojibbing #iridenobile #nobilesnowboards 40 0 35 secs
Nobile Snowkite: Dawn with the Gods Ragnarök in Scandinavian mythology means „destination of gods“ („ragna“ – „gods“, „rök“ – „fate, destination“). It is also often translated as the twilight of gods“. Really? After all, in 2018 the new gods were born.
This ain’t no competition for ...
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NOBILE 50/Fifty Kite 2018 50/Fifty is the Superman of kites. It will do anything you want in the blink of an eye and is used by all Nobile pro-riders. We have combined the advantages of C-shape kites with complete, stiff bridling, thus getting the ... 307 1 113 secs
Travelling with NHP Split to Vietnam Janek Lisewski, ultrakiteboarder shares his experience with travelling and kiting on Nobile splitboard. 310 0 106 secs
@katarzynalange probably like most of us now really wants to break loose. More less like that time in Tarifa during our photoshoot. #tarifa #iridenobile #nobilekiteboarding #nobileteam #fifty50 #freestyle #WAKESTYLE
When Wakeboarder meets Kitegirl everything can happen. Episode 2-Philippines. „When Wakeboarder meets KiteGirl everything can happen.” Wake edition in CWC.
Kasia and Kuba are a colorful story. Kuba, who spent every day on the wakeboard, and one day during a trip to the kitesurfing festival he met Kasia- the ...
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Nobile Kiteboarding 2020 Collection Video TARIFA Proud to present Nobile Kiteboarding 2020 boards collection.
Team Video from our 2020 photoshoot with Katarzyna Lange, Gosia Kolacz, Maxi Gomez, Wojtek Andrzejewski, Jan Korycki and Michal Kamyk.
Video by Alexander James Lewis-Hughes Knot Future Media.
#iridenobile #nobilekiteboarding #2020collection
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Amazing shot by @sndrbgn from @nobile_snowboards 2021 photoshoot. @bergschuh doing a great job as always! #iridenobile #nobilesnowboards #nobileteam #N7leaf
NOBILE KITEBOARDING: Women Games It is no secret that we produce favourite boards for girls. This winter we decided to invite our stars to Brazil, where we shot this amazing video in the beautiful lagoons of Ceara i Rio Grande de Norte states. So ... 12030 1 118 secs
Do you want to get wet already?
@maxigomezkite hangin upside down Brasil picture by @samuucardenas
#iridenobile #nobilekiteboarding #nobileteam
@tylkojibbing making the most out of this year's European winter.
#vitkovice #iridenobile #nobileteam #nobilesnowboards @pbudzanowska picture :*
Everyone wants to drive away and relax at the beach. Unfortunately we must stay put for a while now to take care of our common health. This was a great afternoon session @skyhigh_pl #sardegna @volvocarpoland @tomekustupski picture. #iridenobile #nobilekiteboarding #nobileboards ...
Stay home! @fil.ban28 is lucky to call this place home. powderhounting at north faces. #Kastenturm #2917 #iridenobile #nobileteam #nobilesnowboards #splitboards
@rachafreeride with another crazy line on @nobile_snowboards N7 splitboard. Check out Racha if you're looking for powder adventures in Georgia. #iridenobile #nobilesnowboards #nobileteam #splitboards
Let's hope that there will be time to go back to our favourite beach very soon!! @skyhigh_pl @tomekustupski
#iridenobile #nobilekiteboarding #nobilekite
#WAKESTYLE sick Lowmobe by @maxigomezkite @samuucardenas picture. Check out our wakestyle equipment as 50/fifty board and kite. #iridenobile #nobileteam #nobilekiteboarding
Check out our Women's day promotion and get your second half a great gift!
#iridenobile #womansday #womansdaypromotion #nobilekiteboarding
Congrats to our team @snowboard_germany for great results at @fissnowboard @snowboardwinterberg

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