When Wakeboarder meet Kitegirl everything can happen. Episode 1-Brazil. Katarzyna Blanka Lange (PL) -Nobile KTB Team.
Achievements: 3-time Polish Champion, World Cup competitor.
The owner of Kite Crew school.
Kuba Zalejsky (CZ) - Nobile Wake Team Czech wakeboarder, skateboarder, snowboarder.
„When Wakeboarder meets KiteGirl everything can happen.”
Kasia and ...
225 0 232 secs
NOBILE 50/Fifty Kite 2018 50/Fifty is the Superman of kites. It will do anything you want in the blink of an eye and is used by all Nobile pro-riders. We have combined the advantages of C-shape kites with complete, stiff bridling, thus getting the ... 265 1 113 secs
Carnival Snowboard Session Peter Podlogar took 4th place in Carnival Snowboard Session 67 0 22 secs
NOBILE KITEBOARDING: Women Games It is no secret that we produce favourite boards for girls. This winter we decided to invite our stars to Brazil, where we shot this amazing video in the beautiful lagoons of Ceara i Rio Grande de Norte states. So ... 11849 1 118 secs
Nobile ZEN Hydrofoil 2018 Guide Nobile Zen Hydrofoil is probably the most technically advanced hydrofoil ever, made of aluminium and carbon. Implementation works and tests under the supervision of Nobile founder – Dariusz Rosiak and one of the world’s top-contesters in the Kite Formula – ... 1870 3 318 secs
Eudazio da Silva – The way he crank it up! (Teaser) Brazilian Eudazio da Silva is one of the most spectacular and strongest riders. From the moment he joined Nobile family, his ride inspired thousands of young people to kiteboarding. Nothing has changed. Brazilian Eudazio da Silva is one of the ... 813 1 22 secs
NOBILE SKIS: Lynx Tour Skis During the ascent you will feel as confident as the Lynx, deftly and quickly gaining elevation. Nobile Lynx Tour skis are very light (1290 g at 170 cm) and thanks to the use of carbon-Kevlar fabrics within the whole construction, ... 5839 0 95 secs
Check out the official TRAILER for 2nd episode of WHEN WAKEBOARDER MEETS A KITEGIRL EVERYTHING CAN HAPPEN starring @katarzynalange @kubazalejsky. Premiere of the full episode soon. #iridenobile #nobilewakeboards #nobilewake #nobilekiteboarding #nobile #nobilektb #wakeboarding #kitesurfing #cwc #philippines
NOBILE "Tribe & Futurism" COLLECTION 2018 Movie The last decade at Nobile was marked by dynamic growth. We have shown how much we can improve in our beloved sport and how many innovations we are able to present. We have been continuously putting in a lot of ... 2393 0 140 secs
California dreaming. @mzjenymar ready for wave sessision on her Infinity Split-one and only foldable board in sandwich technology. #nobilekiteboarding #iridenobile #nobile #wave #surf #kitesurfing #kiteboarding #technology #innovations #california #ocean
„When Wakeboarder meets Kitegirl everything can happen.” We are proud to invite you to premiere of epizode 1 - kiteboarding in Brazil. This Friday 12.07.2019 at 12:00 on our Nobile Kiteboarding facebook profile. @katarzynalange @kubazalejsky @nobile_kiteboarding #nobile #nobilektb #nobilekiteboarding #iridenobile ...

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