Freedom is one of the Kiteboarding's advantages. No need for a lift no need for designated tracks. If you like you can by just you and flat, empty ocean around you. @surfkawka picture. #iridenobile #nobileteam #nobilekiteboarding
Check out our freestyle boards range.
@peterpodlogar killin it picture by @tomekustupski
#iridenobile #nobileteam #nobilesnowboards
Nobile Kiteboarding 2020 Collection Video TARIFA Proud to present Nobile Kiteboarding 2020 boards collection.
Team Video from our 2020 photoshoot with Katarzyna Lange, Gosia Kolacz, Maxi Gomez, Wojtek Andrzejewski, Jan Korycki and Michal Kamyk.
Video by Alexander James Lewis-Hughes Knot Future Media.
#iridenobile #nobilekiteboarding #2020collection
937 0 217 secs
Travelling with NHP Split to Vietnam Janek Lisewski, ultrakiteboarder shares his experience with travelling and kiting on Nobile splitboard. 256 0 106 secs
Nobile ZEN Hydrofoil 2018 Guide Nobile Zen Hydrofoil is probably the most technically advanced hydrofoil ever, made of aluminium and carbon. Implementation works and tests under the supervision of Nobile founder – Dariusz Rosiak and one of the world’s top-contesters in the Kite Formula – ... 1980 3 318 secs
When Wakeboarder meets Kitegirl everything can happen. Full Movie. Katarzyna Blanka Lange (PL) -Nobile KTB Team.
Achievements: 3-time Polish Champion, World Cup competitor.
The owner of Kite Crew school.
Kuba Zalejsky (CZ) - Nobile Wake Team Czech wakeboarder, skateboarder, snowboarder.
„When Wakeboarder meets KiteGirl everything can happen.”
Kasia and ...
1273 1 759 secs
Nobile 2020 Collection Preview Proud to show You all a sneak peak of our upcoming Kiteboards 2020 collection.
1155 0 49 secs
@maxigomezkite BACK ON THE WATER check out brasilian lagoon action @samuucardenas picture #iridenobile #nobileteam #Nobilekiteboarding
Looking for a splitboard ? Check out @nobile_snowboards 2018 Aero in a great price. Available only
#iridenobile #nobileteam #nobilesnowboards
Flying Carpet is a skill builder for beginners. This board should be everyone's first twintip. It simply delivers instant progress. Check out @wojtek.andrzejewski enjoying the moment during light winds in Tarifa. picture
#iridenobile #nobileteam #nobilekiteboarding
We're insanely proud of our Family back in Korea. @nobile_korea representing our brand well on most of Asian slopes. Charging hard on every kind of boards. #iridenobile #nobilesnowboards #nobilerace
Infinity split-foil in another one of a kind construction that #Nobilekiteboarding introduced.
A well known surfstyle directional board is convertible to foil option as a light wind alternative. #iridenobile #nobilekite #splitboards
We produce Splitboards for couple years now. If you haven't tried it's a MUST. The feeling of freedom is undescribable. @marekogien knows well. #hokkaido #iridenobile #nobilesnowboards #nobilesplitboard #n7leaf
Our latest Sardegna camp with @skyhigh_pl wouldn't be so good without the assist of this pimped out #XC90 we drove thanks to @volvocarpoland #volvomoment #iridenobile #nobilekiteboarding pictures by @tomekustupski
Snow is rapidly appearing on surrounding slopes. Make sure your come prepared. Check out our 2020 board collection available on our online shop
#iridenobile #nobilesnowboards @peterpodlogar by @marekogien
Lightest split in our range. Bomb - proof carbon construction makes this board a universal freeride machine that performs great in all kind of conditions. #splitboards #nobilekite #nobilekiteboarding #iridenobile
Plan your weekend right.So you can end up on a deserted island.
Thanks @surfkawka for this drone picture. #iridenobile
#nobilekiteboarding #nobileteam
@nobile_korea Team enjoy suuny days in Hintertux. @hey.honga approved our N8 Titanal board designed for technical riding, for speed and curving. #iridenobile #nobilesnb #nobilesnowboards
Watch out, young blood ready to rock the season. Gael Suhner is all set up to win some gold. 🤞🥇🏆#iridenobile #nobile #nobilesnb #nobilesnowboards
Congrats to our team @snowboard_germany for great results at @fissnowboard @snowboardwinterberg

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